Aunt Essie's Sweet Potato Pie

9 individual 3-inch pies
$40.00 + $12.00 shipping and handling

Growing up all I ever ate was Sweet Potato Pie, being from the South. Even though the South doesn't want to claim Maryland I know the truth. Many families have their version of sweet potato pie, some prefer citrus flavoring. My mother, who everybody else knows as Aunt Essie, preferred the spice variety. Aunt Essie has been making her version of sweet potato pie for well over 50 years. I grew up eating Aunt Essie's sweet potato pie. It's the first pie I ever tasted and it was truly love at first bite. It always brings great memories when I walk into the house and smell the sweet aroma of sweet potatoes and spices. I hope you enjoy Aunt Essie's pie, and I hope that while eating a slice you create great family memories.